Our History

Our History

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Our shipyard was once the location of a small fabrication yard operated by Consolidated Steel Corporation. In 1940, to meet the immediate needs because of the eminent threat of World War II, Consolidated was commissioned by the U.S. Navy to expand the shipyard. Our legacy of craftsmanship and ingenuity is the everlasting stamp for over 80 years and thousands of man hours dedicated to satisfy our commercial marine solutions. Westport Orange Shipyard has the capacity and the experience to service multiple projects at the same time. From our ground and floating facilities we can deliver a world class product that is guarantied to last and perform as expected by our demanding clients and the endurance their services require. From the regular boat, barge and marine module maintenance and repairs to the building of custom design and technologically advance systems that perform beyond today's requirements because your bottom line rules ours.  

Over the last decade the Orange shipyard produced 12 Fletcher-class destroyers, 27 Gearing-class destroyers and 110 destroyer escorts. This was made possible through the hard work and dedication of more than 20,000 industrious individuals.

The facility has changed ownership several times since then, most recently acquired by Westport Marine Holdings, LLC, on October 4, 2014. Although previous owners have come and gone, Westport is here to stay. We are working hard every day to enrich the legacy of this proud shipyard!


We have large side water access for staging of large vessels, including a 500 foot, a 400 foot, and seven 300 foot bulkheads with 16 foot to 24 foot water depths offering complete loadout, equipment transfer and staging of offshore and inland barges. Our 280 foot dry-dock is 160 feet long by 70 feet wide, and is used for major steel repairs and paint projects.





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